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2600 South Road

Poughkeepsie, N.Y. 12601
Phone: 845.204.9668

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10AM - 8pm


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    At TEA TALK we are dedicated to providing the finest possible tea and tea drinking experience. How do we do that? In-store we strive to provide the highest level of courtesy and hospitality so that you will feel comfortable and relaxed in a friendly and soothing environment. After all, enjoying your pot of tea takes more time and care then simply slurping back a small coffee.

    Because of the sheer number of teas in our stock, over 100 different kinds, we work with our staff to develop knowledgeable professionals. This takes time because to know each tea one must smell and sample all of them. That can be a daunting task. Fortunately, we provide daily samples and regular tea tastings that provide a variety of flavors. We also talk about the history and origin of some of our finest teas which create a fascinating back drop for our presentation.

    TEA TALK also seeks to provide a comfortable, modern environment with soothing decor, and free wi-fi for patrons who need a break, but need to stay in touch. Tea time is obviously important to us, and in this fast paced society the need to stay connected is sometimes unavoidable. We seek to balance that busy mode with the traditional tea break.

    Our store is available for special events and we regularly host tea parties for children and adults. We also keep an eye out for outside events in the Mid-Hudson Valley Region of Upstate New York for opportunities to bring hot tea and bubble tea to new venues.

    Online, TEA TALK works hard to answer some tough questions customers have about which teas do what. On a daily basis new information and studies are coming out about the health benefits of tea. People have been drinking tea for over 5,000 years, and there are good reasons why tea is so popular. Some teas are perfect for getting started in the morning, while others help to relax. Some have a milder, sweeter taste, while other teas are bold and bitter. All these teas require research, which we strive to provide via this website.

  TEA TALK uses social media and newsletters to let our loyal patrons know about upcoming and ongoing specials. Our customers are our honored guests, and it is a privilage to have them visit our store.