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Coffee or Tea

    When it comes to a good strong, eye opening jolt of caffeine, coffee is still king; 

however, black tea and oolong tea can be perfect alternatives. Caffeine is an alkaloid that acts as a stimulant and is found in a number of seeds and plant leaves.  Tea leaves and tea buds are processed after harvesting to produce different teas by attaining different levels of oxidation.

    Generally, the more fully oxidized the tea leaf is, the more caffeine will be release upon brewing. The requirement of hotter temperatures and longer brewing time will cause a tea to release caffeine in greater quantities in proportion to these two variables. Therefore, a tea leaf may be higher in caffeine when dry, but it's yield depends on its brewing.

Caffeine Chart


     Caffeine per 8oz. cup       Oxidation level
White tea   20mg   Slight
Black tea     50mg   Full
Oolong tea   45mg   Partial
Green tea   30mg    None
Instant tea   25mg    Full
Herbal    0mg    N/A
Coffee    65 - 150mg    N/A
Note: All figures approximate.