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Oolong Tea

Word Association: Variety, Unique, Wrap-curled, "black dragon tea"

    Perhaps the most fascinating range of teas, Oolongs present a spectrum of tastes and variety that are different from each other in every way. The unpredictable nature comes from flavors and colors not found in other types of teas. Oolong teas are relatively unknown outside of China, but when you are ready to try something truly different, and diverse, ask to sample some oolong tea.

     Among the most famous of oolong teas, is our favorite, Da Hong Pao, produced in the Wuyi Mountains of northern Fujian province. Da Hong Pao means Big Red Robe in chinese, and this teas deep rich flavor and color are a perfect example of oolong teas. True connoisseurs of fine teas can tell you that the most expensive and sought after Da Hong Pao in the world can claim a kings ransom. This is due to the origin of certain varieties that can be much venerated by legend. 

    One of the most interesting stories is that in 1972, President Richard Nixon was gifted with 50 grams of Da Hong Pao, half the entire year's harvest. Today, the finest and purest Da Hong Pao can sell for up to $1,250,000 per kilogram! Imagine that tea drinking experience!

Featured Products

Da Hong Pao

$24.99 per oz.


This wonderful tea is produced from plants grown from three famous tea plants. The large leaves are about 40% oxidized and have a warm, toasty flavor, and the leaves can be brewed several times.

Ginger's Oolong


Another wonderful Oolong tea, Ginger's Oolong has a hint of peach.