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Bubble Tea

What is bubble tea?

    Bubble tea is a cold beverage, also available hot, that is a tea based drink. Either green or black tea is mixed with different flavors to produce two types of drinks: a creamy, milk bubble tea, and a smooth and sweet fruit bubble tea. The mixture is shaken up with ice to make it extra cold then poured over bobas. Bobas, or pearls, are little orbs of flavor. Some bobas are fruit pops, while others are made of jelly; the  traditional boba is made of tapioca. You drink and eat the bubble tea and bobas at the same time because the cups have an extra thick straw. Enjoy!

Bubble Tea Menu

Up to 3 Boba - Free, $.75 each additional

Just Boba: 2oz Cup: $.75, 12oz cup $4.50


Caution: The Boba may be a choking hazard for children under 3 years old.

Please chew it well or ask for no Boba.